Our time together is valuable, which is why I am flexible and understanding when it comes to appointment times. We do not see new clients after dark. Please call and text at a decent time.

Why Tri-Therapy?

The core of relaxation requires freedom and awareness. The more one can tune in and convey their surrounds and situations, adds to their inner self and experience. The sense of smell and vibrant receptors don't even cover the massage's unique way of communicating non verbally which tells we believe in your worth. Transpositions include a person falling asleep, or falling into a deep mental-physical state, difficult to describe.

Like having a new room that is now accessible to you, the one room that only those who practice meditation are likely to familiarize. Of course he who knocks shall enter. For this moment can only be expressed with a fullness, never matched by words. Trust, empathy, and respect always heard.  

***V O N D S is meant for your enjoyment & education. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical attention. No sexual remarks, or disrespect is tolerated and will end the session immediately, no refunds.  

Ultimate Relaxation 

Classic TRI-Therapy 


1. First time clients, the therapist will arrive 20 minutes early to setup, while you complete a New Client Intake Form.

2. Assistance with the table is greatly appreciated, but not required. We have pre-massage conversation during scheduling to review the protocols. Donation is also taken at this point, before massage. Cash or Cashapp.

3. The therapist exit the room, for your privacy so that you may undress to your level of comfort. This means that you have the option of removing all of your clothes, including underclothes, or you may choose to keep on your underwear and/or bra.  The only "right" way is the one that keeps you comfortable.  

4. The therapist will provide a full body, deep tissue massage aside from any indicated area on your intake form. Your body remains covered with the sheet (and blanket if employed) except for the area being massaged. You will never be fully exposed and your gluteal cleavage and genitals will always remain covered. It is optional for women to have their breast tissue massaged, but if this is marked for exclusion, the breast will remain covered with the sheet or with a towel. Approximately half way through the appointed session time, I will partially lift the sheet forming a privacy tent under which you will roll over when cued.

You are welcome to talk during the massage if it is your preference, but vocals will be in tranquil motion as you receive your massage in total peace accompanied for full relaxation - mental, emotional and physical - benefits. If there is anything that can be done to customize the level of comfort and enjoyment of your massage - temperature of room, genre of music, pillows, bolsters, pressure of massage, level of lighting, etc. - please do not hesitate to speak. The massage is for your benefit and enjoyment and it is my sincere desire for you to thoroughly relish in your time.

5. At the conclusion of your massage session, I will leave the room. If you are asleep, you will be awakened gently beforehand. At this time you are welcome to slowly get off the table and redress. It is important to move cautiously due to feelings of possible dizziness or disorientation. These feelings are common and normal due to deep relaxation in the horizontal alignment.

6. Generally the therapist is assisted to the door. Tips are always appreciated but never expected. Some of my clients tip and some don't. Some tip a lot and some tip a little bit. Some clients think my massage prices are under priced and want to pay me more via a tip. It's all good. Whatever you do is right and good.

Pricing ?

We established pricing based upon travel call, live singing, aroma therapy use, essential oils used, deep tissue massage, and all the love that is put into the body work. Thanks for your consideration.